Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Dodge ball is a classic game and always fun with a large youth group. Get everyone running around having fun and working as a team. Just a simple little twist on Dodge ball turns the classic game into Zombie Dodge ball!

A great game for your youth ministry. This one can be a ton of fun. The whole group takes part in “helping out” their classmates figure out a real simple question, Who Am I? Get ready for a lot of laughing and crazy answers!

If you had 30 seconds to say something great about your friend and classmate, what would you say? Hurry Hurry, only 30 seconds. And when it’s all done you have a great gift for your friend, and all your friends have one for you!

A great game that requires a good amount of space to run and get a little crazy! A great game for your youth group when it gets too hot to stay inside, and you want to catch a few rays during the spring or summer.

Everyone into a big circle because we are about to get a little funny and crazy! A great game to get everyone laughing. You definitely cannot take yourself too seriously if you are going to play this, loosen up and have a great time!

This game brings the youth group together on the same team. A great game to get the brain running, and a great way to get everyone involved. Just get ready for a little yelling and fun, because as soon as you have ideas…shout them out!

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