Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Monday, December 11, 2023

Youth Group Lessons: The average American family spends $800 on Christmas, with not much left over to go around for giving. But the holiday spirit is not completely lost as a man went incognito to help a city with one of the highest poverty rates in the country.

Youth Ministry Lessons: In an age when it seems like American popularity is waning around the world, Americans once again reminded the world of one constant in the fabric of American history: Americans are extremely generous.

Youth Group Lessons: Just say the name “Justin Bieber” and chances are you will get a gamut of responses. Some LOVE him and some, well not so much. But an act of the young pop star is proving to get him in the good graces of everyone.

Youth Group Lessons: Tens of thousands of pastors and church leaders from around the world come to the annual Leadership Summit to hear from the best of the best on church leadership and ministry outreach.

Youth Ministry Reflection:I Give To Others. Many times teenagers are focused on what they receive, or the lack there of. But we need to show our students that when we give to others we are doing what God calls us all to do.

Here is a great game for this time of year when it starts to get cold outside. The great part of this game is that it can be the beginning of a great outreach program to help members of your community who may be less fortunate.

There is always a need to keep in touch with the students of your youth ministry. But you should be in constant contact with the parents of your students and also other members of the church and community to spread the word!

Let’s face reality, summer is coming to an end! Let’s gear up for the fall and start planning an outreach event for the youth group. The more volunteers you can get, the more land you’ll be able to cover… or should I say UNCOVER!

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