Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Friday, October 7, 2022

Typically seen as a boy’s toy, LEGO is trying to offer products that are more girl-centered and focused. The line offers pastel colored LEGO sets that can be made into a hot tub, a splash pool, a beauty parlor, an outdoor bakery and a convertible car, among others.

Youth Group Talks: 30 Questions to get your students talking! In this quick handout you’ll get your class talking and sharing about their childhood, these questions are a fun and effective way to get your students thinking about where we all come from.

Imagine that you lived in a country where it was no longer safe for you and your family. Imagine what it would be like to be told that you had to leave, that to literally save your lives, you must walk away from everything and everyone that you have ever known.

Somewhere, at some point in time, someone found an unlikely source in which to make money: water. They began bottling water and selling it to people all over the world, charging outrageous amounts of money for the stuff.

Youth Group Resources: The modeling industry isn’t exactly known for high moral standards, perhaps that’s why the words of one young model are making national headlines: they simply go against the grain.

Youth Ministry Lessons: In a recent study, the average age of a video game player has slightly risen to 37 years old and, perhaps most astonishing of all, 91% of children in the U.S. between the ages of two and seventeen are gamers.

Youth Group Lessons: Sex has always been a controversial, and oftentimes, banned topic of discussion in most homes. In a small but growing trend, however, more parents are being up front with their teens about sex and … encouraging it?

Youth Ministry Reflection: Regardless of who is around me, I remain true to what I believe. I am strong enough to overcome the temptation of compromising my principles to gain popularity. I find the courage to stand up for what I believe, even if I am standing alone.

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