Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Youth Group Lessons: Students in the state of Hawaii are about to gain an additional option in the lineup of school sports that might have their land-locked classmates quite jealous. For the first time, surfing will become an officially sanctioned school sport.

Youth Ministry Lessons: The US Food and Drug Administration puts the number of Americans at 45 million who have at least one tattoo. It is also found that 17% of people who have a tattoo have considered having it removed.

Youth Ministry Lessons: While many experts continue to urge parents to stay informed on youth culture, many educational programs are forgetting another important and real influence in a teenager’s life: their grandparents.

Youth Group Lessons: Religious language has a vernacular all its own. If you think about Christianity in particular, it doesn’t take long to create a list of words that those outside the church rarely use. And now some have issue with one word in particular: saved.

Youth Ministry Lessons: In an interesting new survey, 1,500 teenagers were polled to determine just how badly their parents embarrass them. While the findings probably do not shock many readers, they are interesting in and of themselves.

Youth Group Lessons: With an increasingly competitive educational environment and more distractions than ever, high schoolers are sacrificing sleep in record numbers to keep up with the pressures of being a teenager in the 21st century.

Youth Ministry Lessons: As cultures and countries are exposed to more outside influence than ever before, China is an example that is torn between two identities and two mindsets that often seem against one another.

Youth Ministry Lessons: All pastors want a growing and sizable congregation, but the size of the members themselves has a prominent leader worried. He was baptizing 858 people when he couldn’t help but notice the girth of those involved.

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