Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Friday, October 7, 2022

Youth Group Lessons: For many, marriage proposals are a private event. However, for one young couple at UCLA, their potential engagement , and resulting humiliation, was caught on camera for all to see.

Youth Ministry: There’s many reasons why youth leaders can see their work as a mess, such as not enough time in day or poor communication with volunteers. Whatever the reason clean up the mess before it ruins your ministry.

Youth Ministry Lessons: A young man had a heart condition which took his life at a young age. But before he passed away he had a message to tell the world, and with the help of social media he did just that.

Youth Group Lessons: If you look around many churches, there is a rather significant group of the population missing. The group is the twenty and thirty something’s that are falling away from church in record numbers.

Youth Ministry Resources: Most people cringe at just hearing this expression because they’ve never experience it. They associate constructive criticism with endless, angry rants in which they get confronted with everything they have ever gotten wrong.

Youth Ministry Resources: In youth ministry, you sometimes hear or see things you’d rather not known. What do you do when you witness risky teenage behavior? When is it okay to break confidentiality and inform the parents or others?

Youth Ministry Resources: Rules create clarity for everyone involved: youth, leaders and even the parents. Everyone knows what is expected and everyone also knows there can be consequences if you break the rules.

Youth Ministry Lessons: In yet another scandal in the world of sports, Ryan Braun, named the National League’s 2011 “Most Valuable Player”, supposedly tested positive in a recent, random drug test performed on the Milwaukee Brewer’s baseball team.

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