Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Often time’s teenagers can be overwhelmed with what would seem to be fairly simple tasks. Most of the time this is because they don’t have the life lessons or the life experiences needed to cope, which is no fault of theirs.

Not everybody in your youth group is going to be a social butterfly or outspoken and be a constant contributor. This is not a bad thing in shape or form, they may just need a little encouragement to contribute.

Followers of Jesus Christ are all called to be leaders. If a ship didn’t have a captain, the ship would run ashore. If a team didn’t have a coach, they would never win. If a high school class didn’t have a teacher, no one would ever learn.

Having specific goals for yourself and your youth ministry are a necessity to being successful. Your students need to be clear on what is expected of them. Without being specific with students, you will lose their attention and productivity.

Here are 5 wise tips for running and organizing a youth group meeting. As the leader of your youth group set the example of how to behave and let the students know what you expect out of everyone so that there is a shared positive experience!

The relationships your students have with their parents can be a tough subject for some. Sometimes teens don’t want to honor their parents. But we should always reinforce that by honoring our parents we are honoring God.

Whenever teens think of a crisis, they usually concentrate on the bad. Make it clear that in crisis there is opportunity.Maybe a relationship has taken a turn, or maybe they flunked a test. Whatever the issue, the fact is they are still here.

Being realistic is a lesson for your students, and you. Being realistic is important when setting goals for your youth group in every situation. Having realistic expectations and goals, sets your youth group up for success every single time.

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