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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Youth Ministry Curriculum: Parents are often called to limit the amount of “screen time” their children are subjected to. With today’s technology, however, the term “screen time” has come to mean more than just hours sitting in front of the TV.

Youth Group Lessons: There’s a new law involving educators and their use of  social media sites to contact students. In the new law teachers are no longer allowed to communicate with students, over non-work Internet sites, including Facebook.

Youth Ministry Lessons: The 21st century marked the invention of the smart phone. What users of smart phones may not realize, however, is that something so small is actually having pretty intense consequences on their overall health.

Youth Ministry Lessons: A non-profit group is asking Christian men and women all over the world to consider “Bible Poverty”. According to the group Bible Poverty is the fact that over 340 million are without Scripture in their native tongue.

Youth Ministry Lessons: In a recent study, the average age of a video game player has slightly risen to 37 years old and, perhaps most astonishing of all, 91% of children in the U.S. between the ages of two and seventeen are gamers.

Youth Ministry Lessons: As Facebook continues to grow in popularity and has become a mainstay for most teenager’s online time, the question continues to be thrown around on whether or not parents should join Facebook.

Youth Ministry Lessons: For most, using social media is harmless, used as a way to communicate with friends and family over what is happening in their lives. However, for some, social media is a way to organize political gatherings, riots and illegal activities.

Youth Group Lessons: A recent study released by the Canadian firm APTiquant revealed that users of Internet Explorer had lower IQ’s then people who chose other browsers, only one problem though, there was a small issue with the study.

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