Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Life can be truly hectic, even chaotic, if we don’t stop now and then to take a few minutes for ourselves. Being connected with computers, cell phones, social media, our lives were supposed to get easier, but it’s busier than ever before!

Helping your youth ministry understand how to deal with criticism can help them improve their lives. We need to help them understand the difference between constructive and deconstructive criticism which can hurt and lead to anger.

Change is inevitable. In fact, one of the few constants in life is that things will always change. Why then, do we often have such a challenge in coping with change? Here are 6 strategies to help your students with all the change in their life!

When you think of spring cleaning, you may have an image in your mind of family members gathering around with mops in their hands. But spring is a good time to make more than just your home sparkling clean and clutter free.

Is your routine so busy and full that it’s causing you stress and agitation? We’ve all heard of the health risks associated with too much stress, but how can you help your youth ministry reduce that stress and find peace?

Do you have days when you know it’s better to be upbeat and positive, but you just don’t feel like it? Well so do your youth ministry students, here is how you can help them maintain a positive mindset in difficult times.

Your youth ministry students have a ton of things going on in their lives, from school to sports to part time jobs. It’s very easy for them to get overwhelmed, and they need to learn how to say “No” to certain things, here is how you help them!

Friendships are interesting for teenagers and in turn your youth ministry. Even in the best friendships, some things must not be said. There are countless instances of friends hurting each other to such an extent that they become enemies.

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