Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Office organization for a youth ministry leader is a must! Keeping a well organized office will allow you to spend the limited time each day offers helping your students, not pulling out your hair looking for a file!

There are often times when our young students can be dismissed or overlooked because of their age. But we should always remember that they have dreams, opinions, and questions running through their heads.

Sometimes teenagers aren’t given enough credit. They’re smart and, with the proper knowledge, they can make informed decisions.The trick is having the wisdom to know when your students are ready to learn certain lessons.

In youth ministry, sharing stories from your past experiences is one of the best ways to really connect with your students.  It shows your students  that you were once in their shoes, and have gone through what they are facing.

The teenage years can be hard on your youth ministry students. Teens are struggling between childhood and adulthood. Self confidence can prove to be a major issue as they navigate through this time in their lives.

Goals are the targets of success. You, for sure, have your own goals, which may have already been achieved, are in the process of being achieved, or are still to be achieved. But how about if you set goals for your youth ministry students?

As a youth ministry leader, many people in your life will look to you for answers to questions that they may have about the Word of God. But instead of waiting to be asked a question, we must be proactive with sharing our faith.

As a youth ministry leader, your ministry depends on your ability to consistently remain productive. However, it’s all too common for a work session to turn into YouTube video marathon which cuts into your output exponentially.

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