Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Youth Ministry Lessons: Many churches are beginning to add ministries to their roster that service to those in their congregation that don’t have the ability to speak (woof woof) for themselves as well as their owners.

Youth Group Resources: When a pet dies it is often a tragic event for a family and can often lead to deep amount of grief and pain, which is why some are now using new technology to hold on to their pets after death.

Youth Ministry Lessons: DNA testing has lead to many innocent people being freed from jail, and has lead to many suspects being linked to the crimes they are accused of. Now similar technology is being used for man’s best friend!

Youth Ministry Lessons: On New Year’s Eve in Billings, Montana when the Gaillard’s headed out of their hotel to go backcountry skiing, they had no reason to think the day would be different from any other.

Youth Group Lessons: People spend large amounts of money on their pets. With Americans spending $55 billion annually on their pets, the market is open for gourmet pet food and boutique pet clothing, all seen at this year’s Global Pet Expo.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Students in Zanesville, Ohio were given an unexpected day off of school. It wasn’t due to inclement weather or teacher in-service,  it was because dozens of exotic animals were intentionally released from their cages and roaming the county.

Youth Group Lessons: Most colleges seem overrun with wild parties or groups of students out having a good time. For one college, however, they have found themselves overrun with something a little unusual at a college campus: bunnies.

Youth Ministry Lessons: For most humans, a rat does not necessarily make a tasty meal, but for many predators, they just can’t resist taking a bite of the small animals. One kind of rat has found an incredible way to protect itself.

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