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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Even though using performance-enhancing steroids is illegal in most sports, many athletes dope up to give them the edge. Even though they try to keep the use a secret, they are usually found out and it leads to a big fall…

What do you think of when you hear the phrase Christian music? For most people, the phrase makes them think of hymns, church choirs and music far different from what you hear on popular radio stations. However, Christian music these days is focused…

Many professional players have created their own signature moves. For most athletes, the signature move is designed to bring glory to themselves. However, professional football player Tim Tebow’s signature pose is not about glorifying himself…

More than ten million viewers watched the 2010-2011 season of “Glee”, many of whom are in the same stage of high school that the actors portray. The show has touched on many controversial topics but perhaps an episode aired recently was about as close to the edge as they’ve come.

In a recent interview with the United Kingdom newspaper The Guardian, Minaj opened up about a childhood that was anything but ideal and sheds some light onto the rather hard persona she has created.

It’s hard to imagine Bieber Fever going away. It seems that the young star can do no wrong as every song he sings tops the charts and albums sell at lightning speed. Until now, that is, as recently the singer made quite a flub when speaking about a recent trip.

In front of teenage girls, Lady Gaga confessed that she struggled with an eating disorder in high school. She was one of the thousands of teenage girls who gag themselves, purging their bodies of what they have just eaten in the horrible disease called bulimia.

Youth Lessons: Tim Tebow is on the top of his game. Love him or hate him, the kid’s got talent. He seems to be a natural athlete with a staunchly upright moral character. While he hasn’t made a huge deal about his virginity, the media has.

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