Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Monday, December 11, 2023

Youth Group Resources: There’s an interesting case pending that could change the definition of responsibility when it comes to juveniles committing crimes, and the parents who drop the ball.

Youth Group: One family’s worst fears came to pass: their 25-year-old daughter committed suicide in their home, taking the precious life that they had brought into the world so many years before.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Sometimes teenagers are forced to deal with very adult decisions. And sometimes teenagers are forced to deal with situations that stem even beyond adulthood and require a deeper level of maturity.

When someone commits murder, there are typically very few options when it comes to sentencing. In states where the death penalty has been outlawed, homicide offenders often face life in prison, some with the option of parole…

Many times, youth feel invincible. On the top of the world, it is hard for young students to imagine something going wrong, perceive danger or do anything against the desires of a group, no matter how ridiculous or careless the situation might be.

Whether or not your family approves of your appearance in the US, at least you know that you can’t and won’t be arrested simply because you are a teenager dressing a little differently from everyone else.

Youth Group Lessons: It stands to reason that if you pump unhealthy foods into your body then eventually it will catch up with you and cause long-term problems. Such is the case of Natasha Harris, a thirty-year-old woman who lived in New Zealand.

Youth Group Lessons: To say abortion is a hot topic is an understatement. Especially around election time, the issue is polarizing as lines are drawn in the sand and individuals are asked to pick a side.

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