Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Taking a stand against something you believe is wrong can be difficult. Not only do you risk being unpopular or losing friends, but you also risk being called names or bullied as a result. For teens in the United Kingdom, facing negative consequences for taking a stand…

A heartbreaking story has made headlines that reminded everyone to have compassion, no matter what side of the homosexuality debate they are on. A young man has been charged with intimidation of a hate crime, invasion of privacy and hindering apprehension.

Whenever the words “Christian” and “homosexuality” appear in the same sentence it is likely that some type of controversy will ensue. For many reasons, those two things simply cannot coexist and have been on the forefront of civil rights issues for decades.

Youth Ministry Resources: Texas Judge Tonya Parker has made her position clear: she is not performing a single wedding in the state of Texas until everyone can get married to whomever they please in the state of Texas.

Youth Group Lessons: A student’s dream of completing her graduate program and becoming a counselor was quickly vanquished, when she voiced rather conservative views on a polarizing issue.

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