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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Youth Group Lessons: If you were to ask one hundred teenagers to describe their high school, you would receive a myriad of responses. And according to a new documentary, the descriptions wouldn’t be positive at all.

Youth Ministry: In a perfect world, children would grow up in a home with parents who love them and show them overflowing nurture that studies show has a direct effect on success in life. But as we all know, the world isn’t perfect and many struggle from birth.

Youth Lessons: When Analia Bouguet found out she was pregnant with her fifth child, she and her husband were excited. They spent the pregnancy in anticipation eagerly awaiting the birth of their child.

If you’re like most of us, you rarely keep your New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps you have trouble with them because you make resolutions that are too ambitious. Or maybe you give up because immediate progress is hard to see…

Youth Group Lessons: Recently, a touching ten-minute video has gone viral. Unlike other viral videos, the story of Caine is inspiring and sentimental, making you believe once again in creativity, innocence and the power of the human spirit.

Youth Ministry Lessons: On New Year’s Eve in Billings, Montana when the Gaillard’s headed out of their hotel to go backcountry skiing, they had no reason to think the day would be different from any other.

Youth Ministry Lessons: A young mother who has seen her share of heartache after losing her husband, was at home with her infant son on New Year’s Eve when she heard someone trying to break into her home.

Youth Group Lessons: When spectators come to a sport, they want to know that they are watching raw athletic talent, the result of hard work and determination. Perhaps that’s why it’s hard to understand why one athlete in particular would be banned from competing.

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