Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Friday, January 27, 2023

Youth Lessons: All of the sudden it seems the signs and symbols of the Christmas season are becoming offensive and even illegal to display. But one school is standing its ground and decided to keep Christ in Christmas, even at the risk of offending.

Youth Group Lessons: A non-profit organization that has helped the state of Illinois handle their overwhelming caseload of foster children will be releasing 2,000 children currently in their care because of church and state disagreements.

Youth Ministry Resources: Nigeria is literally a country divided as half the country is Muslim and the other half Christian. Violence between the two groups is growing as Muslims in the North attempt to spread their beliefs through violence.

Youth Group Lessons: During election time it seems that it is open season for everyone from news reporters to comedians, to take shots at those who believe in God. Some going as far as to compare conservative Christians voters to those who believe in space aliens.

Christians, Muslims and other faiths are divided over the proposed Islamic community located near “Ground Zero”. Emotions are high on both sides of the argument, how do your youth group student’s feel about it?

The worshipers at Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad heard the shots and explosions about 20 minutes after Sunday mass  had begun. What unfolded next was a horrible event that shows the reality of life for Christians in Iraq.

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