Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Youth Ministry: Selfishness, consumerism, drugs, alcohol, all of these seem to plague today’s teenagers and college students but then ever so often a story comes along that gives us a different view of our youth.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Sometimes teenagers are forced to deal with very adult decisions. And sometimes teenagers are forced to deal with situations that stem even beyond adulthood and require a deeper level of maturity.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Christianity is all about spreading the gospel and converting others to the faith, but in the Middle East where Christianity originated, it is quickly becoming extinct. According to a new report from a think tank, Christianity is dwindling…

In most countries, Christianity is not the main religion and those who choose to practice the Christian faith are banned from doing so publicly. They must attend Bible studies, study and gather with other Christians in private.  If they are caught…

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