Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Monday, December 11, 2023

Whether or not your family approves of your appearance in the US, at least you know that you can’t and won’t be arrested simply because you are a teenager dressing a little differently from everyone else.

It seems that the word “sexting” is now common place in the vocabulary of teens. Perhaps this is why officials feel that you cannot over-talk about sexting to teenagers. The negative ramifications for teenagers are endless.

While many times the fight of abortion is held in public debates and courtrooms, it is easy to forget that just as there are grassroots organizations to help prevent abortions, there are also non-profit organizations to help women afford the procedure.

Youth Ministry Lessons:  In the past definitions of beauty might have come from peers, relationships or parents, but now teenagers are allowing cyberspace to answer this basic question for them: am I pretty or ugly?

Youth Ministry Lessons: More than 30 million people will visit an indoor tanning booth this year alone. While that number is high, the fact that 75% of those who tan indoors are females who fall between the ages of 16-29 is scary.

Youth Ministry Curriculum: In an age of digital media where recording and picture taking devices are at our fingertips, it stands to reason that someone somewhere will figure out ways to misuse the technology.

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