Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Youth Group Lessons: As the human population continues to expand, we build and live in areas closer and closer to “wild” animals. This has lead to human/animal interaction, and raises questions about our responsibility.

Youth Ministry Lessons: In the day and age of iPod’s, the Internet and satellite radio, it’s hard to imagine that there are people living in remote areas of the world that have never seen, or heard, of any such inventions.

Youth Group Lessons: People often claim that God told them to do something in the midst of strange situations. How do we truly know whether or not God is really speaking through someone?

Youth Ministry Lessons: What happens when religious belief and sporting regulations clash? Here is an example of a woman’s faith and love for a sport doing just that. As Christians, does our faith ever clash with other interests?

Would you be able to live in a home that is seemingly overrun by snakes? Sometimes the best way to get your youth ministry students talking is by sharing crazy and interesting stories, and this is one crazy story!

Do you think it is fair to hold bullies responsible for the death of a bullied person if they take their own life? Bullying is something that touches us all. Even if your students haven’t been bullied directly, they know of people who are.

A violent attack erupted recently in Cairo, Egypt amongst Muslims and Christians resulting in the total destruction of Saint Mena Church in Imbaba, a suburb of Cairo. Will the two largest religions in the world always fight?

In youth ministry, sharing stories from your past experiences is one of the best ways to really connect with your students.  It shows your students  that you were once in their shoes, and have gone through what they are facing.

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