Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Youth Group Leadership: They thought it was four hours a week, but it turned out to be at least ten. They thought they only had to lead small group, but they were expected to help organize the retreat as well…

Youth Group Leadership: The feeling of having so much more to do than you ever can find time for can be quite overwhelming. But have you ever considered that you may be your biggest enemy?

During a campout with some students from the church, a youth pastor allowed a thirteen-year-old student to drive his SUV.  The young man crashed the SUV and was thrown out of the driver’s side door. The car then fell on top of the young man, eventually killing him.

Youth Group Leadership: It happens in the best of teams and as such in youth ministry as well: internal conflict or disagreements. Conflicts are always hard, but they’re especially tough to deal with in the church because we know we should all get along.

Youth Ministry Resources: Being real means that you practice what you preach, that you walk the talk. If young people hear you say one thing, but see something else entirely in your daily life, they will stop listening to you.

Youth Ministry: There’s many reasons why youth leaders can see their work as a mess, such as not enough time in day or poor communication with volunteers. Whatever the reason clean up the mess before it ruins your ministry.

Youth Ministry Resources: Most people cringe at just hearing this expression because they’ve never experience it. They associate constructive criticism with endless, angry rants in which they get confronted with everything they have ever gotten wrong.

Youth Ministry Resources: In youth ministry, you sometimes hear or see things you’d rather not known. What do you do when you witness risky teenage behavior? When is it okay to break confidentiality and inform the parents or others?

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