Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Youth Ministry Lessons: Clothing brands often pay big name athletes and movie stars to don their apparel. However, an American clothing company is paying a certain celebrity to stop wearing its clothes for fear of the negative image impact.

Youth Group Lessons: Critical and hurtful words are par for the course when you are President of the United States. Every move you make is scrutinized and talked about on news shows, written about in magazines and published on social media websites.

Youth Ministry Lessons: The beginning of the school year can bring mixed emotions. The emotional ups and downs of entering the classroom can be overwhelming as today’s high school students face more than just peer pressure.

Youth Group Lessons: In the aftermath of the 9/11, construction crews pulled a 17-foot-tall cross from the rubble. The cross contained two metal beams that had survived the attack and has been on display near the former World Trade Center site ever since.

Youth Group Lessons: Tens of thousands of pastors and church leaders from around the world come to the annual Leadership Summit to hear from the best of the best on church leadership and ministry outreach.

Youth Ministry Lessons: For most, using social media is harmless, used as a way to communicate with friends and family over what is happening in their lives. However, for some, social media is a way to organize political gatherings, riots and illegal activities.

Youth Ministry Lessons: They work hard to make their dreams happen, using their sport to steer clear of the peer pressures that others their age might experience. However, for one Olympic hopeful, the dream is over after a few bad choices.

Youth Ministry Lessons: When you think of poverty in America, chances are you think of urban high rises or tenement slums that pack too many people into too small of a space. However, 16% of rural populations are living in extreme poverty, versus only 12% of urban.

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