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Friday, August 12, 2022

Youth Group Curriculum: In the city of Minneapolis, officials are seeing a rise in the homeless population. The median age of those that are homeless in the twin cities, however, is not as old as one might think.

Youth Ministry Lessons: In an age when it seems like American popularity is waning around the world, Americans once again reminded the world of one constant in the fabric of American history: Americans are extremely generous.

A few years back, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver walked a cow out into the middle of a group of moms, dads and kids. He proceeded to talk about butchering and how meat is properly cut, even having a butcher on stage. While Oliver was talking and the butcher was…

America is still the land of plenty and in this land of plenty, Americans like to spend their money! Americans spend trillions of dollars each year but how exactly are they spending their money? A recent series conducted by NPRadio tracked what Americans buy.

When you say the words “gay tolerance” and “the Catholic Church” one does not exactly see peaceful coexistence. It is no secret that the Catholic Church has struggled through the issues of sexual orientation and still seem divided when it comes to taking a stance.

Those hit the hardest in economic downturns are the poor. Included in that segment are refugees, families that have benefited from fleeing persecution and death in their home countries, but are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet in the current economy.

New census data shows that more Americans are leaving the suburbs and flocking back to the major metropolitan areas since the recession in recent years. “Suburban sprawl” is no longer growing: quite simply, it’s going away.

In years past, getting your first job as a teenager was a rite of passage. Much like getting your license, the ability to apply for and find a job was a step towards adulthood and away from the dependence on mom and dad for every little financial need.

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