Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Friday, September 29, 2023

Youth Group Lessons: Recently, a touching ten-minute video has gone viral. Unlike other viral videos, the story of Caine is inspiring and sentimental, making you believe once again in creativity, innocence and the power of the human spirit.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Towns all around the U.S. celebrate fall with all kinds of fairs and festivals. One town in West Virginia has a themed fall festival that might get your attention, an annual Road Kill Cook-Off that draws thousands.

Youth Group Lessons: The state of Alabama has recently passed strict immigration laws that take place on September 1, 2011. One of the more interesting issues from these new laws is how local and nation wide churches are reacting.

Youth Group Lessons: Tens of thousands of pastors and church leaders from around the world come to the annual Leadership Summit to hear from the best of the best on church leadership and ministry outreach.

Youth Group Lessons: It began when email was introduced on a massive scale in the late 1990’s. All of a sudden the written word could cross continents in seconds and arrive in the hands of loved ones, business associates and friends.

Youth Ministry Lessons: When you think of poverty in America, chances are you think of urban high rises or tenement slums that pack too many people into too small of a space. However, 16% of rural populations are living in extreme poverty, versus only 12% of urban.

Youth Ministry Lessons: The legal age to get married in India is 18, but for the majority, child marriage is still a reality. For one young girl, however, her courage and commitment to live her life as she desired brought change to an entire community.

There is a spotlight on the USA / Mexico border because of immigration and the drug war. There is also now a spotlight on a young woman who is standing up for her community in one of the most dangerous places in the world.

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