Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Youth Group Lessons: When you think of a faith-based Hollywood movie, you don’t often think of an “R” rating.  But thats the rating for a new film that highlights a heroine-addict who turns his life around after coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Youth Group Lessons: When spectators come to a sport, they want to know that they are watching raw athletic talent, the result of hard work and determination. Perhaps that’s why it’s hard to understand why one athlete in particular would be banned from competing.

Youth Group Lessons: For many who attend church, words like “sex”, “pornography” and “friends with benefits” aren’t necessarily thrown out from the pulpit. But one pastor has decided to hit these issues head on through the power of the spoken word.

Youth Ministry Lessons: When the Memphis Islamic Center began building right across the street from Heartsong Church in Cordova, TN, the pastor’s initial reaction was one of fear and uncertainty.

Youth Group Lessons: Critical and hurtful words are par for the course when you are President of the United States. Every move you make is scrutinized and talked about on news shows, written about in magazines and published on social media websites.

Youth Group Lessons: In the aftermath of the 9/11, construction crews pulled a 17-foot-tall cross from the rubble. The cross contained two metal beams that had survived the attack and has been on display near the former World Trade Center site ever since.

Youth Group Lessons: Souvenirs from WWII connected with Hitler were discarded or destroyed for fear of the bad luck they would bring. Perhaps this is why one young soldier harbored oil-paint portraits of Adolf Hitler’s parents until his death.

Youth Group Lessons: A recent study released by the Canadian firm APTiquant revealed that users of Internet Explorer had lower IQ’s then people who chose other browsers, only one problem though, there was a small issue with the study.

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