Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Youth Lessons: Here is one to ask your students: If you received bad grades, how would your parents discipline you? Would you be grounded? Lose privileges?… Would you be forced to stand at an intersection showing your bad grades?

Police cars showing up at elementary schools seems to be making headlines more and more. Recently a six-year-old was taken into police custody after kicking his principal and becoming increasingly out of control.

In the past, it was assumed that education was its own reward. Students were expected to go to school simply because education was believed to be important, the key to bettering oneself in society. Today, however, the rules have changed.

Youth Group Lessons: “What in the world is an Encyclopedia Britannica?” Might sound crazy, but most teens have no idea what it is or how popular the A -to-Z dictionary of information once was, and for good reason, the internet has killed it off.

Youth Lessons: All of the sudden it seems the signs and symbols of the Christmas season are becoming offensive and even illegal to display. But one school is standing its ground and decided to keep Christ in Christmas, even at the risk of offending.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Sex education in public schools has always been a controversial issue. Since it was first introduced in schools decades ago there have been both supporters and those in opposition to the subject being broached at all.

Youth Ministry Lessons: What would be the reaction among your students if they found out their school day was going to be 90 minutes longer? That is exactly what one struggling school system is doing in an effort to turn things around.

Youth Ministry Lessons: The beginning of the school year can bring mixed emotions. The emotional ups and downs of entering the classroom can be overwhelming as today’s high school students face more than just peer pressure.

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