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Monday, January 25, 2021

A few years back, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver walked a cow out into the middle of a group of moms, dads and kids. He proceeded to talk about butchering and how meat is properly cut, even having a butcher on stage. While Oliver was talking and the butcher was…

When it comes to teenagers and drinking the initial obstacle to overcome is how someone under the legal age limit to consume alcohol will obtain the beverage. Some use older siblings and friends to obtain it for them while others go so far as to…

In front of teenage girls, Lady Gaga confessed that she struggled with an eating disorder in high school. She was one of the thousands of teenage girls who gag themselves, purging their bodies of what they have just eaten in the horrible disease called bulimia.

When most people sit down to consume a beverage at Starbucks, the last thing they have to worry about is the contents of their beverage. Few, if any, knew that for years they might have been consuming crushed bugs in their beverages…WHAT!?!

On campus there sits a vending machine that will pop out one pill to whomever can fork over the cash. If a student had unprotected sex, forgot their normal form of contraceptive or was assaulted, they are given unfettered access to the “morning after pill”.

There is a young girl who has been nicknamed Rapunzel by her classmates. She does not live in a tower. She has not been kidnapped by an evil witch and her hair does not possess healing powers. What she does have, however, is hair that has never been cut.

While many times the fight of abortion is held in public debates and courtrooms, it is easy to forget that just as there are grassroots organizations to help prevent abortions, there are also non-profit organizations to help women afford the procedure.

Youth Group Lessons: It stands to reason that if you pump unhealthy foods into your body then eventually it will catch up with you and cause long-term problems. Such is the case of Natasha Harris, a thirty-year-old woman who lived in New Zealand.

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