Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Monday, January 25, 2021

Youth Group Lessons: In a new study released by the Harvard School of Public Health, results showed that more often than not, the level of income of your neighborhood is going to dictate the level of care that you receive while at the hospital.

Youth Ministry Lessons: A hospital stay is not necessarily a trip to a four-star hotel. It can mean nights of interrupted sleep and waiting for the chance to go home to loved ones. That is, of course, if you have loved ones who want you to come home.

Youth Group Lessons: When spectators come to a sport, they want to know that they are watching raw athletic talent, the result of hard work and determination. Perhaps that’s why it’s hard to understand why one athlete in particular would be banned from competing.

Youth Group Lessons: Somalia, a war-torn, politically absent country in the horn of Africa, is known for its history of instability. Currently Somalia is experiencing the worst famine in 60 years, and it isn’t getting a lot of attention.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Lack of proper health care in Africa is not a new but, rather it is an ongoing battle. Especially for women in Uganda who come to hospitals seeking aid for one of the most common procedures known to humans: giving birth.

Youth Ministry Lessons: A recent study published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, showed that people who watch a lot of television but pay very little attention to politics, tend to vote based on appearance alone.

Youth Group Lessons: As details of Amy Winehouse’s death were released and facts of her life became public, fans, critics and friends were all forced to come to terms with her tumultuous lifestyle.

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