Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Friday, January 28, 2022

It seems that the word “sexting” is now common place in the vocabulary of teens. Perhaps this is why officials feel that you cannot over-talk about sexting to teenagers. The negative ramifications for teenagers are endless.

Whenever the words “Christian” and “homosexuality” appear in the same sentence it is likely that some type of controversy will ensue. For many reasons, those two things simply cannot coexist and have been on the forefront of civil rights issues for decades.

Youth Lessons: Tim Tebow is on the top of his game. Love him or hate him, the kid’s got talent. He seems to be a natural athlete with a staunchly upright moral character. While he hasn’t made a huge deal about his virginity, the media has.

Youth Ministry Lessons: There is an unspoken rule in education, perhaps it’s unspoken because it goes without saying. This unspoken rule is very simple and known as the DON’T-DATE-YOUR-STUDENTS rule.

Youth Ministry Resources: For years, it was seen as shameful to have a baby before you were married, and now for the first time in American history, more than 50% of babies born to women under the age of 30 are born to single parent homes.

Youth Ministry Resources: Texas Judge Tonya Parker has made her position clear: she is not performing a single wedding in the state of Texas until everyone can get married to whomever they please in the state of Texas.

Youth Group Lessons: A student’s dream of completing her graduate program and becoming a counselor was quickly vanquished, when she voiced rather conservative views on a polarizing issue.

Youth Group Lessons: A non-profit organization that has helped the state of Illinois handle their overwhelming caseload of foster children will be releasing 2,000 children currently in their care because of church and state disagreements.

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