Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Youth Ministry Lessons: If teenagers are sick of hearing it from teachers, parents and online authorities, then maybe that’s because they are finally listening to warnings about online security and acting upon them.

Youth Ministry Lessons: A young man had a heart condition which took his life at a young age. But before he passed away he had a message to tell the world, and with the help of social media he did just that.

Youth Ministry Curriculum: In an age of digital media where recording and picture taking devices are at our fingertips, it stands to reason that someone somewhere will figure out ways to misuse the technology.

Youth Ministry Lessons: As Facebook continues to grow in popularity and has become a mainstay for most teenager’s online time, the question continues to be thrown around on whether or not parents should join Facebook.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Facebook users tend to share very personal information and rely on the social media giant to keep the information private. What many don’t realize, however, is that privacy and Facebook don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand.

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