Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Monday, December 11, 2023

Youth Ministry Lessons: When a recent Nascar race was about to begin , as usual, a local pastor stepped up to the microphone to give a blessing in what is traditionally a solemn prayer. One Pastor gave a twist to the traditional.

Youth Ministry Lessons: When a teenager is blessed with something in life, they might take it for granted. This is not one of those stories. Here is a story of a teenager who wins and then gives back $40,000!

Youth Ministry Lessons: What happens when religious belief and sporting regulations clash? Here is an example of a woman’s faith and love for a sport doing just that. As Christians, does our faith ever clash with other interests?

When it comes to sports, girls are not physically capable of playing with boys…right?…right? Not so fast! What if a girl is better than the boys?! Here is a handout to get your youth ministry talking on the subject of gender and sports!

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