Establishing a Teen Ministry.

As a youth leader, bringing our students to a meaningful relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is one of the most filling and special events that we can be witness to. Our youth are constantly bombarded with bad and sometimes plainly evil influences. So when you take the time and you feel called to leading a teem ministry, you are truly doing God’s work.

Making your Teen Ministry a place they want to be!

No matter the size of your teen ministry, you need to make it a place that your students want to be week after week. You need to make your teen ministry a place that your students find comfort in. But how do we go about this?

Firstly you need to accept anybody who wants to be part of your youth group. And you also need to be vocal about the fact that your teen ministry is open to new members at all times. A lot of our youth can be introverted and shy, so once you have a good number of students encourage them to reach out to other young adults in the area, and also to their friends to come and join the activities and events you have planned for your youth group. It should always be in open-door policy with open arms, as that is doing the work of Jesus Christ who excepted everyone!


Making sure your Teen Ministry makes a difference!

One of the best ways to show your
teen ministry the love of Jesus Christ, is through helping others. When they are able to see the difference in the impact that they can make in the lives of other people by helping them, they will be much more likely to want to help people over and over again!

So get your students out there, have your team ministry take part in fundraisers and community events. You can start off by piggybacking on town events where you reach out to the leaders and tell them that you have a group of eager young adults willing to help out.

As your team ministry grows in you become more comfortable in a leadership role, start organizing events on your own when your team ministry can directly help the members of your community. Raise money, cut grass for the elderly, hand out water on a hot day, work at the local soup kitchen, the ideas are endless. The main idea, is to get your teen ministry involved.


Asking of and from your Teen Ministry.

Your students will undoubtedly look to you for leadership, but you should also look back to them for input. If you are thinking about lessons that you want to cover with your students, or you are thinking about ways that your teen ministry can help the community, involve your students in the process! Giving your students a chance to share their ideas will make them feel part of the team in will make them feel that their message is being heard. When you allow your students in your teen ministry to share their voice you are empowering them and helping them make the transition from young adult to a grow man or woman. So give them all a sense of ownership in your teen ministry as the lessons you teach them today will help them forever.

Teen Ministry Ideas.

I encourage you to take a look around the site as we are constantly coming up with new lessons and ideas to share with your students. The materials that we produce will help you make an impact on the lives of your teen ministry students.