Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Monday, December 11, 2023

A fun game for your youth ministry when taking advantage of a nice day, but what happens when the teams can’t see each other? A great game for a large youth group where a lot of players can cover a good amount of playing area.

This Ice Breaker will take your youth group around the world, only nobody needs a plane ticket and you don’t have to leave your seat. This is a ton of fun and gets the entire youth group thinking. Let’s see where your youth group will go!

If you have a bad habit that you want to get rid of, it can be difficult and trying.  Instead of telling a student to just quit a habit, encourage them to replace it. Replace TV every day after school with going for a jog or walk each and every day.

Recently a ton of comic books have been made into big budget Hollywood movie spectaculars, Batman, Superman, The Hulk, Iron Man, plus a ton of others. These movies are always popular with teens, and can spark a ton of creativity.

A great Outreach plan to help out those less fortunate who might need some help getting some essential learning tools. As summer winds down and the kids are heading back to school, lets help out in a simple yet very important way!

Get the whole youth group together, and be ready for a simple challenge. All you have to do is pass the hula hoop to each other without dropping it! But of course, there is a twist to the game that makes it quite a difficult task to take on!

This Ice Breaker requires nothing but a little self-belief. How far can you go? Probably a lot further then you think is possible. A great Ice Breaker to start off a class or a group discussion. Get ready for a lot of “Wow that is cool!”

Teenagers can be scatter brained at times. They have talents that sometimes they waste. They also have the ability to be their own biggest critic, and find it hard to believe in themselves. But they all have a mission in life.

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