Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Monday, December 11, 2023

A great game for your youth ministry. This one can be a ton of fun. The whole group takes part in “helping out” their classmates figure out a real simple question, Who Am I? Get ready for a lot of laughing and crazy answers!

This Ice Breaker is a quick way to learn a little bit about your students while having fun as a group. Can you guess which item is false? Get the entire group engaged and having fun in this great quick class starting ice breaker!

There are oftentimes when we are selfless and giving to others that we neglect our own problems and conflicts. And for a lot of people when we need help ourselves we don’t ask, or seek the help that we would so freely give to others.

People do it every single day. There are tons of examples of lying that are commonplace in the world today. People cheat on tests. People start malicious rumors about others. People lie to their parents about where they have been.

If you had 30 seconds to say something great about your friend and classmate, what would you say? Hurry Hurry, only 30 seconds. And when it’s all done you have a great gift for your friend, and all your friends have one for you!

This Ice Breaker is a great way to get the creative juices running. Nike , McDonald’s, and Mercedes Benz have logos the are recognizable all around the world. But wait a minute! Do YOU have a personal logo that represents you?

A great game that requires a good amount of space to run and get a little crazy! A great game for your youth group when it gets too hot to stay inside, and you want to catch a few rays during the spring or summer.

This Ice Breaker is a simple way to start class and get everyone included in the group. Beach balls are always fun, at concerts , at the beach, at the park, and even when getting to know your classmates a little better!

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