Youth Ministry Group Lessons –

Monday, December 11, 2023

Youth Resources: Statistics are tracked such as overall movie sales to determine what people are interested in seeing when they shell out their hard-earned cash at movie ticket counters. And the current trend of what people are paying to see is a hopeful one.

Youth Ministry Lessons:  In the past definitions of beauty might have come from peers, relationships or parents, but now teenagers are allowing cyberspace to answer this basic question for them: am I pretty or ugly?

Youth Ministry Lessons:  A pageant mother is making headlines for giving her daughter “go-go juice”, which is a soda concoction laced with enough caffeine to keep an adult awake, let alone a 6-year-old.

Youth Ministry Lessons: If teenagers are sick of hearing it from teachers, parents and online authorities, then maybe that’s because they are finally listening to warnings about online security and acting upon them.

Youth Group Leadership: It happens in the best of teams and as such in youth ministry as well: internal conflict or disagreements. Conflicts are always hard, but they’re especially tough to deal with in the church because we know we should all get along.

Youth Ministry Resources: For years, it was seen as shameful to have a baby before you were married, and now for the first time in American history, more than 50% of babies born to women under the age of 30 are born to single parent homes.

Youth Group Lessons: A few years ago it was Pillow Pets and plastic gel bracelets, and now thanks to Nike, consumers have a new target to obsess about! Nike has released its new NBA All-Star sneaker line and it has created quite a ruckus, to say the least.

Youth Ministry Resources: Texas Judge Tonya Parker has made her position clear: she is not performing a single wedding in the state of Texas until everyone can get married to whomever they please in the state of Texas.

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