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Monday, December 11, 2023

Having a great youth group management approach can be challenging. Student behavior can vary from day to day because of a wide range of factors, one of them being, THEY ARE TEENAGERS!

With everyone on Facebook in the past few years, you most likely already have a profile. As a Youth leader, are you mindful of what you are posting? If a student were to see everything posted on your wall, what would they think?

Well all do it at some point, and some of us do it a lot more than we should, PROCRASTINATE! I was going to write this blog post later, but the productivity method in this Free E-book had me done with the post in half the time!

When the pressures of youth ministry pile up, and the amount of work appears to be much more than you can handle, you must refocus. Put simply, there are times when you really need a breather and time to chill out!

Golf is a frustrating game, believe me! Hitting the ball usually proves too difficult for me. Once you get past the fact that playing the game is extremely difficult, the rules of the game can be a little “nit picky” which complicates things even more!

The start of the school year is an interesting time of year for your youth ministry as you will see new members join and some leave. Yes some will leave no matter what you do, but let’s try a few ideas out to keep your retention up!

We are all guilty of missing something that God has placed right in front of us. Here is a great handout to share with your youth ministry that shows that we can miss certain things if we aren’t paying attention.

Often time’s teenagers can be overwhelmed with what would seem to be fairly simple tasks. Most of the time this is because they don’t have the life lessons or the life experiences needed to cope, which is no fault of theirs.

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