Teen Bible Studies


Creating Teen Bible Studies For Youth Group Use

As a youth leader or a youth pastor, the task of creating teen Bible studies that are interesting and unique to share with your students can seem like an overwhelming challenge at first. But the thing is, if you keep a few important things in mind, the creation of teem Bible studies is actually a fun and extremely fulfilling process.

Teen Bible Studies: The Basics

When you’re creating Bible studies to share with the teenage audience, the first thing you need to do is to create lessons on subjects and topics that are interesting to your students. It is also a great idea to focus the teem Bible studies on issues that are facing your students directly. The best way to come up with an idea or theme for a Bible study, is to brainstorm the top 10 things that affect your students on a daily basis. And once you have a general theme is your job then to connect to that theme with Scripture from the Bible and turn it into a teaching moment.

Another basic that you should keep in mind when you are creating teen Bible studies, is that everybody in your audience should be able to relate and follow along easily to what you are teaching. Your youth ministry as a whole, and the teen Bible studies you create should have a feeling of inclusion and acceptance for everybody who joins you for fellowship. You should touch on and teach about the difficult subjects, but you should never have a lesson that makes a student feel excluded or as an outcast.

Using visual aids in Teen Bible Studies.

One of the great things about creating teen Bible studies is that you can use numerous visual aids to help you teach a lesson. This can be anything from a PowerPoint presentation to a movie to share with your students. The main point about using visual aids in your teen Bible studies, is to make sure any aid that you use is relevant to what you are teaching. Feel free to use movies in your lessons, but don’t use them as a crutch and don’t crowbar them in to where they do not belong. Being creative with the way you deliver a lesson will keep your students engaged as long as it is relevant and it is interesting.

Knowing the Teen Bible Studies before you teach them.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are creating and then delivering Bible studies to your class or youth group, is to be well-prepared. Come up with a number of questions that you think your class may ask you and then prepare relevant and detailed answers for them. When you know what you are teaching to your students, your students will understand this and feel this in the way you are presenting the material in they will have a confidence in you as a well-versed expert on the subject you are teaching. At the same time don’t be afraid to admit a mistake or say I don’t know when you simply don’t know what a question to answer is. Use that time as an instanced to learn together with your students.

Christian Teen World Presents Teen Bible Studies

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