Worship PowerPoint presentations in your ministry.

One of the most effective ways to present a Bible lesson or a sermon to your audience, is to use a warship PowerPoint presentation. The great thing about PowerPoint presentations is that they are fairly simple to put together when you know what you are doing. Of course this takes a little practice, but after a few times of putting together worship PowerPoint presentations you’ll get the hang of it!

The Main focus of a Worship PowerPoint.

We use power points as an a in a sermon or a Bible lesson when we want our audience to see lyrics, pieces of Scripture, or pictures that are important to what we are talking about. But it is extremely important when we are using worship PowerPoints in our presentations, that we keep everything simple and very clean. Like with any regular Bible lesson or sermon, you may point should be simple and easy-to-understand, and the same goes for the worship PowerPoint that you put together. The worship PowerPoint should be simple and clean to look at. A lot of people go overboard in use all kinds of sounds, graphics and different flying animations that are unneeded and to be honest, take away from the overall presentation.

So the main focus of any great worship PowerPoint, is to be a simple aid to the main focus which is your sermon or Bible lesson that you are presenting.


Using photos in a worship PowerPoint.

One thing that you should include in all worship PowerPoint presentations, is pictures! Pictures can be extremely helpful in getting a point across, and can be extremely useful in setting the mood for your topic that you are covering in your Bible lesson or your sermon. When you are looking for photos to use in your worship PowerPoint presentation, personal photos are awesome way to go!

When you can share personal photographs in your worship PowerPoint, you are instantly grabbing the attention of your audience because you are showing to them that what you are talking about is close to your heart. If you are speaking about a family, show a picture of your family in your worship PowerPoint. This is an instant way to grab the attention of those who are listening to you speak into are watching your worship PowerPoint.

Using Lyrics in a worship PowerPoint.

If you are using a worship PowerPoint as an aid during singing, make sure that the lyrics you present on the PowerPoint screen are very large and are able to be clearly read. Don’t make the mistake of using a fancy graphic type of font that is hard to read. Remember that you are using the worship PowerPoint as an aid, the easier you make it for somebody to follow along with what you are doing and what you are trying to present them with, the more likely that they will be engaged in what you are showing them.


Worship PowerPoint Presentations that are editable and ready to use!

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